Recapturing the Moral Imagination through Scotland

The Sporran by G. L. Gregg (Butler Books, 2007, 275 pp.), $17.95.In his work, Russell Kirk stressed the overriding importance of the moral imagination. The moral imagination, the dynamic interplay of the mind where ideas about good and evil, right and wrong, form...


Given the recent turmoil in Pakistan, we thought we would remind you of a two-part review of a study of that troubled nation that appeared in issues 45:1 and 45:2 of the Bookman, written by David Campion, a professor of history at Lewis & Clark College.


Since the Bookman is now offering web-only articles, we now offer, in addition to the RSS feed for Kirk Center news items, a syndicationfeed for all Bookman articles. We hope you find it useful.

Capitalism, Socialism, and Beyond

Beyond Capitalism and Socialism: A New Statement of an Old Idea, Tobias Lanz, ed. (IHS Press, 2007, 234 pp.), $19.95. Catholic thinkers have been at the forefront of rethinking modern economics from the perspective of the human person. Beginning with Leo XIII’s...