Piety Hill Seminars

For more than forty years, students and distinguished lecturers have participated in seminars at Piety Hill, the ancestral home of Russell Kirk. These gatherings have addressed a wide variety of topics, including: “Can Virtue be Taught?,” “The Founders and the Constitution,” and “A Humane Economy.”

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Wilbur Fellows Program

The Center’s unique residential research and study fellowship is its flagship program. Undergraduate, graduate students, and professors from across the country and around the world are awarded Wilbur Fellowships to live, research, and write at Piety Hill, the Kirk family’s ancestral homestead and a lively literary community.

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Society for Law and Culture

The Society for Law and Culture is an organization for lawyers, judges, professionals, and academics whose goal is to strengthen the ties between law and culture and promote a renewed sense of the law as a vocation and humane profession.

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Edmund Burke Society

The Edmund Burke Society is dedicated to the study, interpretation, and application of the life and thought of Edmund Burke. Through events and publications, the Society seeks to present the perennial insight and wisdom of Edmund Burke to a new generation as a salutary guide for action, reform, and renewal.

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