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Reviewing Books that Build Culture

The Grandiose Moralist

Paul Brian is not impressed by David Brooks’s Second Mountain.

A Justified Confessions

Eve Tushnet is surprised to welcome yet another translation of Augustine’s Confessions.

Psychedelic Utopia

Scott Beauchamp reviews T. C. Boyle’s newest novel on a utopian in-group.

The Six Communal Institutions and the Modern Economy

Gerard T. Mundy looks at what James Bloodworth’s Hired reveals about the decline of Western culture’s mediating institutions.

Fault Lines in American Identity

Harrison F. Dietzman reviews a book on what popular culture reveals of thin line between a good American and a good criminal.

Baseball, Out of Time?

Caden McCann reviews Susan Jacoby’s Why Baseball Matters.

Placing Chaucer

Placing Chaucer

Carl Rollyson welcomes Marion Turner’s innovative new biography of Chaucer and the spaces he inhabited.

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