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Tory Violence and Liberal Weakness: An Appreciation of George Dangerfield’s The Strange Death of Liberal England

“Dangerfield’s portrait of those critical years before World War I is not a full scale scholarly investigation of the dramatic events of the issues that divided England but is rather an imaginative impressionistic portrait of the period…”

Will Blowing Up the Universities Really Work?

“Increasingly, a long and seemingly irrelevant college education… must seem like a paper belt.”

A Modern Dostoevsky–Almost

“Knausgaard’s latest novel… is perhaps the closest we can hope to come to Dostoevsky this side of nineteenth century Russia.”

All Too Human After All

All Too Human After All

“…Edward S. Cooke, Jr. attempts to provide not only a new history of world art, but a new (potentially very controversial), innovative method of examining human cultural artifacts.”

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