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Have We Forgotten Solzhenitsyn?

Jeremy A. Kee reviews Deavel and Wilson’s Solzhenitsyn and American Culture.

Class Power and Cultural Blindspots

Bruce P. Frohnen reviews Michael Lind’s The New Class War.

Coopting Modernity

Jason Morgan reviews Klaus Mühlhahn’s Making China Modern

Can the State Punish Thoughtcrime?

E. J. Hutchinson finds some guidance from Philip Melanchthon in responding to 2021 cancel culture.

The Russell Kirk Center at 25

Historian George H. Nash spoke recently at the 25th Anniversary Gala of the Russell Kirk Center.

Scholarly Blinders and the Diversity of Authoritarianism

Julian G. Waller reviews The Decline and Rise of Democracy by David Stasavage.

What the Humanities Battle Is For

Order Beyond Adler

Pavlos Papadopoulos participates in a Bookman symposium on the future of the humanities sparked by Eric Adler’s Battle of the Classics.

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