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Deo Volente Labor Proficit

An Inherently Meaningful Cosmos

Ben Lockerd reviews a new scholarly treatment of Arthurian motifs in the thought and writings of the Inklings.

The Loyal Gentleman

Father Schall looks at a historical essay from Hilaire Belloc on lessons from the civilized conversation of King St. Louis.

Rescuing the Heroic Narrative

Elizabeth Bittner reviews Michael Walsh’s Fiery Angel on the West’s loss of confidence in its own narrative.

When Elites Were Elites

Addison Del Mastro reviews a new history of the great literary Republic of Letters.

The Bloody (Congressional) Road to Disunion

John Bicknell welcomes Joanne Freeman’s new history of physical violence inside Congress before the Civil War.

Confessions of a Jet-Set Conservative

Ben Sixsmith reviews a memoir on the departure of an aesthetic … conservative?

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