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The Great and Tolerable Empire

James Baresel reviews Jeremy Black’s new history—and defense—of the British Empire.

Scalia’s Applied Faith

Jeffrey Folks welcomes a collection of Antonin Scalia’s writings on faith.

Ancestry, Time, and the Intimacy of Being

Pedro Blas González reflects on the postmodern assaults on the forces that connect us to our past and enable us to make sense of our present and future.

The Education of Clarence Thomas

Peter Wood welcomes Myron Magnet’s account of the formation of the thinking of Justice Clarence Thomas.

Tertullian and the Rise of Religious Freedom

Mark L. Movsesian reviews Robert Louis Wilken’s helpful reassessment of the history of religious freedom.

Enlisting in Meaning

Anthony M. Barr reviews a forthcoming meditation on the quest for meaning in the face of consumerist culture.

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