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Reviewing Books that Build Culture

Faith and Works and the Novel

Trevor C. Merrill reviews Joseph Bottom’s history and assessment of the novel as a literary genre.

Scientism Is Not Science

Pedro Blas González looks at the ways scientism can miss and misdirect our existential engagement with reality.

Genuine Realism in a Multipolar World

Eric Adler welcomes Claes Ryn’s demonstration of how we can find a common ground through our differences in politics and international relations.

Dharma and the Constitution

Jason Morgan reviews an important new history focusing on the religious elements of the Pacific War.

The Last Inkling

Michael Toscano offers an appreciation for the life and work of Christopher Tolkien.

On Books For Middle America

We interview Bria Sandford, editor for the Sentinel and Portfolio imprints, on the state of conservative publishing and related topics.

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