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Federalism Against the Slave Power

Carl Lawrence Paulus looks at lessons for today from a new history of abolition as an organized movement of political protest.

Lincoln, Burke, and the Politics of Prudence

Kyle Sammin reviews a book that makes a case for a common thread between Burke and Lincoln.

Sacrificial Crisis

Trevor C. Merrill reviews the new play from Will Arbery.

‘Out of the Silent Planet’ and a New Era of Science Fiction

John Tuttle discusses the first of C. S. Lewis’s science fiction novels in its publishing context.

The Age of Addiction

Gerald J. Russello reviews a book on the cultivation of consumer desire and its discontents.

Fortunate Naivety

Matthew Loftus looks at a new biography of the sustainable radical, Jean Vanier.

‘These Global Days’

‘These Global Days’

Adam Schwartz welcomes a new edition of poetry from David Jones that reveals his innovative critique of imperialist technocracy.

Stranger Malls

Stranger Malls

Titus Techera looks at the real horror of the third season of the Netflix series Stranger Things—the mall.

The Secular Myth

The Secular Myth

Casey Chalk reviews a new edition of Joseph Ratzinger’s reflections on civic life and the common good.

How Conservatives Can Come Home

How Conservatives Can Come Home

An interview with Ted V. McAllister and Bruce P. Frohnen, authors of Coming Home: Reclaiming America’s Conservative Soul.

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