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The Quality of Objects

Scott Beauchamp reviews a new book on art and reality from sportswriter turned philosopher Graham Harman.

Machine Future

Titus Techera looks at Blade Runner and its warnings about the proclivities of technological elites.

Xenophon’s Science of Political Economy

Pedro L. Gonzalez reflects on a key aspect of the thinking of Xenophon in light of a new edition of his shorter writings.

The Patterns of Living

Gene Callahan reviews a book dedicated to addressing the failures of urban renewal.

The Children Are in Charge

Matthew Stewart reviews a well-done satire of the woke university.

Practice Makes Virtue

Elizabeth Bittner welcomes an honest book on what we can become by engaging with the classics.

When Left and Right Agree

When Left and Right Agree

Gerard T. Mundy reviews a book from the center-left that buttresses conservative concerns with communities, social order, and the American economy.

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