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Reviewing Books that Build Culture

Mobocracy and the Founding

Jason Ross reviews T. H. Breen’s The Will of the People

Accountancy and Authority

Eve Tushnet returns to David Foster Wallace’s Pale King.

Murray’s Lyric Lament

Henry George rereads Douglas Murray’s Strange Death of Europe.

It Will Mean What the Words Say!

Kenneth Craycraft welcomes the new single-volume edition of the works of St. Thomas More.

Why We’re All Playing Identity Politics

Austin Coffey reviews Ezra Klein’s explanation of contemporary polarization.

Varieties of the British Right

James Baresel reviews a book on schools of inter-war British conservative thought.

Timing Devices

Timing Devices

Daniel James Sundahl reviews a new collection of poems from Paul Mariani that help us connect our ordinary time with the sacred.

Sources for Rebuilding

Sources for Rebuilding

Anthony M. Barr looks at a few other voices that could contribute to the conversation started by Yuval Levin’s A Time to Build.

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