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Where Conservatives Converse

“It has been nearly sixty years since the founding of the Philadelphia… and its growth and development over the years as an intellectual home for all conservatives who accepted the premise of ordered liberty, is a testimony to the founders and those who have long carried on the legacy of the Society and its principles.”

Whether the Heart Has Its Reasons of Which It Knows Nothing

Daniel James Sundahl reviews Why We Are Restless: On the Modern Quest for Contentment


On the Need for Property and Virtue

“The decentralized constitutional republic created in the late eighteenth century has evolved into a centralized oligarchy that is at a critical turning point.”

Talking Race: Community Over Conflict

All One in Christ surveys and compares Catholic Church documents with literature on Critical Race Theory (CRT) as they address racism.

Sexuality and Gender: Returning to the Sources

Once in a very long while one finds a volume that checks four boxes: It is a joy to read; academically fair and well-informed; timely enough to be essential reading in a current debate; and not so thick that it can double as a doorstop. Brian Patrick Mitchell’s book on Christian sexuality and gender is such a rarity. One is tempted to add that in the current cultural climate, with so much errant nonsense being written about sexuality and gender, that his book should be required reading for any wanting to opine on the topic.

Unlikely Centers of Cultural Change

For a time, then, coffeehouses exercised a crucial but (today) largely unremarked influence upon the fashioning of Anglo-American civilization. Mr. Reynolds’s fine book seeks to remedy that deficiency.

Politics Between History and Eternity

Politics Between History and Eternity

“Far from being an obscure intellectual backwater, the story of the nouvelle theologie and its rivals may illuminate the central animating conflict of Christian political theology as such.”

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