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Shakespeare and the Real 

“…Shakespeare has indeed become, like the body of Patroclus, the center of one of the most violent skirmishes in the larger battle that rages over the gargantuan remains of the West.”

Can We Trust the Gospels?

“…McGrew contends not only that there is strong external evidence for the God of the New Testament… but that there is also good internal evidence—the information conveyed in the biblical accounts corresponds to what we know about the way truthful people talk and write.”

Betting on Catastrophe 

“…who better than The New Criterion’s bench of deep thinkers to mull over James Burnham’s hypothesis—’Suicide is probably more frequent than murder as the end phase of a civilization’—with respect to Christendom’s funereal prospects.”

In Defense of Maintenance 

In Defense of Maintenance 

According to Vinsel and Russell, “The Innovation Delusion is the false belief that the pursuit of innovation and novelty will lead us into the promised land of growth and profit when, in reality, it will lead us to ignore the ever-accumulating pile of deferred maintenance and infrastructural debt—and, in the process, lead individuals toward burnout and our society to accelerating levels of exploitation and inequality.” 

Sowing Seeds in Useless Fields

Sowing Seeds in Useless Fields

“The drawing and quartering of liberal arts is the death of learning. The politics of special interests and the politicization of classrooms by activists posing as educators tilts the classroom towards indoctrination, ‘the dark and evil twin of teaching.'”

Christopher Dawson and Cultural Crisis

The Cultured Mind of Christopher Dawson

“Always in [Dawson’s] work is a sense of the creative interactions between religion and culture, between past and present, between man and his environment, between the material and the spiritual. Dawson had the confidence and humility of a polymath.”

Theologian of the Heart

Theologian of the Heart

On the passing of Pope Benedict XVI, we rerun this review essay by Religion Editor David Bonagura, which was originally published on October 20, 2008.

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