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The Kirk Center’s 25th Anniversary Virtual Tour and Keynote Talk by George Nash

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Kirk on Campus

Russell Kirk understood the primacy of passing the torch to the rising generation, and spoke and debated on stages across hundreds of college campuses in his day. Our Kirk on Campus project celebrates and defends the permanent things at America’s colleges and universities.

A unique source of cultural conservative thought, Kirk on Campus fills a critical niche in the national conversation about the meaning of America, the West, and the conservative tradition.

The Book Gallery

The Book Gallery is a series of virtual conversations hosted by University Bookman editor Luke Sheahan. It features authors of non-fiction and fiction reviewed in the University Bookman or that we otherwise think our audience of imaginatively-inclined conservatives will find interesting. The series began in the fall of 2022 and has covered topics such as Russell Kirk’s fiction, the future of the American economy, and the works of Christopher Dawson.

Russell Kirk Documentary

Between 1995 and 1996, the Public Broadcasting Service of Michigan filmed a series of interviews about Russell Kirk, named Michigan’s “Greatest Man of Letters” by the state legislature. 

This documentary brought together some of the leading lights of the conservative movement to discuss the influence of Russell Kirk’s work over the course of twentieth century America.