Pillars of American Order Seminars

Restoring the Beliefs, Practices, and Institutions that Uphold America’s Constitutional Tradition
A Unique Socratic Learning Opportunity for High School Teachers
Based on Russell Kirk’s classic book The Roots of American Order, the “Pillars” seminars trace the origins of the American tradition of order, justice, and freedom through Hebraic and Christian belief, classical philosophy and law, British political experience, and the ideas and institutions of colonial and early republican America. Over the course of the Pillars conference, speakers and participants will explore these themes through the tale of five cities: Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London, and Philadelphia.


Watch: Why Teachers Need Pillars

“Pillars” is a project of The Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal, an internationally recognized organization dedicated to historical study of the roots of civilization and to teaching new generations about the American tradition of ordered liberty. The Kirk Center will draw upon its network of scholars to work with high school teachers to increase their own historical and civic knowledge, and better communicate to their students the essential beliefs, practices, and institutions that hold America together.

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Photos from our Inaugural Pillars Conference in 2021

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