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The Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal aims to recover, conserve, and enliven those enduring norms and principles that Russell Kirk (1918–1994) called the Permanent Things. Explore the Center’s programs, publications, and fellowships and join with us to continue Kirk’s work to renew our culture and redeem our time.

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From the University Bookman

These Roman Things

These Roman Things

“As Jones struggled with his ‘technolatrous’ age, he took ancient Rome as a lodestar for navigating ‘this distressful epoch.'”

Latest Pieces

Where Conservatives Converse

Where Conservatives Converse

“It has been nearly sixty years since the founding of the Philadelphia… and its growth and development over the years as an intellectual home for all conservatives who accepted the premise of ordered liberty, is a testimony to the founders and those who have long carried on the legacy of the Society and its principles.”

About the Bookman

For six decades, the University Bookman, founded by Russell Kirk, has identified and discussed those books that diagnose the modern age and support the renewal of culture and the common good. Currently published online, the Bookman continues its mission of examining our times in light of the Permanent Things that make us human.

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At the Kirk Center


November 14, 6:00 p.m. EST:  A Tribute to Gerald Russello on His First Anniversary. New York City. Register here.

October 20-23: The Fund for American Studies Public Policy Fellows explore the American political tradition at the Kirk Center.

On Campus

Explore Kirk On Campus

Russell Kirk understood his work was to convey to America’s rising generations an understanding of the process by which a healthy culture is transmitted from age to age.

We’re continuing this important work through Kirk on Campus as we host conversations about the permanent things on campuses across Michigan. We hope you’ll join us at an event, and help us prepare tomorrow’s leaders with an appreciation of the richness of the conservative intellectual tradition.

Welcome home to the Russell Kirk Center

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