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Friends, Countrymen, Romans

“…America has been many things, but, in a certain sense, it has always been Roman.”

Counting the Costs of the Second Great War

“…April 1945 was especially critical in my combat service in the European conflict in World War II.”

Philosophy and the Meaningful Life

“As Augustine realized, it is not enough to merely know the good, the true and the beautiful. We must lead our lives in conformity with them.”

Christian Freedom and the Western Political Tradition

Christian Freedom and the Western Political Tradition

“For Schindler, there is no tradition without freedom, and no freedom without tradition. These ideas are a precious heritage to be guarded with great care, because they are a gift of the wise born before the present and the God who inspired their wisdom.”

The Spiritualist Origins of Modern Disorder

The Spiritualist Origins of Modern Disorder

“…the dominant characteristic of the new spirituality was the inflation, as egregious as it was absurd, of thought, of language, and of self: every man (or woman) a prophet, every man his own priest, every man a genius, each dedicated to what Dominic Green calls ‘the aristocrat within.’”

A Time for Restoration

A Time for Restoration

“…Manent and Scruton offer affirmation that the Good is supported in the nature of things, that human beings are capable of cultivating and acting according to political reason, and that the integrity of a national community is requisite for virtue and liberty.”

Reading as a Spiritual Practice

Reading as a Spiritual Practice

“…Wilson declares, ‘there is a different way of reading for Christians than for others.’ Her subtitle is meant quite literally: ‘reading is a spiritual discipline akin to fasting and prayer.'”

The Book Gallery

A collection of conversations with Bookman editor Luke C. Sheahan and writers and authors of imagination and erudition.

"[P]roductivity is not the highest good. The highest good is love. That is the true measure of success." -- Elizabeth Bittner reviews Margarita Mooney Suarez's THE WOUNDS OF BEAUTY. @ClunyMedia

"D.C. Schindler’s work in RETRIEVING FREEDOM can show those who wish to truly restore Western civilization the true significance of freedom." -- Michael Lucchese review in @ubookman

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