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An Architect Reconsiders ‘The Architecture of Servitude and Boredom’

A classic essay by Russell Kirk inspired this commentary by architect Erik Bootsma, assessing the state of architectural design and urban planning in America today.

A Landmark Tragedy

Matthew M. Robare reviews a history of New York’s Original Penn Station.

Mobocracy and the Founding

Jason Ross reviews T. H. Breen’s The Will of the People

Accountancy and Authority

Eve Tushnet returns to David Foster Wallace’s Pale King.

Murray’s Lyric Lament

Henry George rereads Douglas Murray’s Strange Death of Europe.

It Will Mean What the Words Say!

Kenneth Craycraft welcomes the new single-volume edition of the works of St. Thomas More.

An Architect Reconsiders ‘The Architecture of Servitude and Boredom’

An Originalist Proposal

Dan Whitehead proposes a theory of common-good constitutionalism that fits comfortably within the dynamics of originalist thinking.

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