The Judicial Mask

A new Bookman online review from Gerald J. Russello covers How Judges Think by Richard A. Posner.

Removing the Judicial Mask

How Judges Think by Richard A. Posner (Harvard University Press, 2008), 387 pp, $29.95The debate over judicial nominees follows a well-worn script. Conservatives lament “activist” judges and advocate for “strict construction” of the Constitution. They are especially...

Eliot Conference

The Kirk Center is co-sponsoring a conference on T. S. Eliot on August 14–16, 2008 in conjunction with the new edition of Dr. Kirk’s book, Eliot and His Age. See the conference page for details. A full schedule is now available.
Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

October 2009 Edward Ericson with Annette Kirk and McConnell Center director Gary Gregg at a reception at Piety Hill. A 2008 Seminar at Piety Hill Annette Kirk with an actor playing John Adamsand carrying a copy of Russell Kirk’s The Roots of American...

Colson on Kirk

We were pleased to note Chuck Colson referencing Russell Kirk so warmly, and correctly noting Dr. Kirk’s rejection of ideology, in a commentary from June 6, 2008 titled “True Conservatism.”