George Nash Interviewed

Senior Fellow George H. Nash has been interviewed for a new documentary on President Herbert Hoover. An edited transcript is available here.

A Halloween Story

To help you celebrate Halloween, we are posting Russell Kirk’s most famous—and award-winning—ghost story, “A Long Long Trail A Winding.” Written and read by Kirk, the story made famous a real hobo who lived with the Kirksfor six years. The story...

New Solzhenitsyn Edition

The Kirk Center knows of few better friends or champions of the moral imagination in humane letters than Edward E. Ericson Jr., Emeritus Professor of English at Calvin College. A distinguished authority on the life and works of the Russian man of letters Aleksandr...

Review of the new edition of Kirk on Eliot

James Matthew Wilson reviews the new edition of Eliot and His Age by Russell Kirk for First Principles, the ISI web journal. Kirk considered this among his best books, and we are grateful for so sympathetic a review.