Russell Kirk on C-SPAN

We recently updated our video links with listings from two talks from Russell Kirk, including The Conservative Movement, Then & Now, a talk given for the Heritage Foundation in 1980.


Have you caught up on the recent articles from Gerald Russello? Debating the Constitution in City Journal, and Faith from the Hearth and Public Schools: Faith-Free Zones in the National Catholic Register.

Bottom Rail on Top

Lanterns on the Levee: Recollections of a Planter’s Son by William Alexander Percy (Alfred A. Knopf, 1941), 348 pp. Lanterns on the Levee, William Alexander Percy’s eloquent autobiography, has been a minor classic since its initial publication in 1941. It was written...

A few links we recommend

• The New Atlantis has a great symposium on Place and Placelessness in America with several essays that are well worth your time. • The Imaginative Conservative has a three-part series by John Willson on the historian Carlton Hayes (whom we covered in this 2010...
Directions Back to the Public Square

Directions Back to the Public Square

Exiting a Dead End Road: A GPS for Christians in Public Discourse edited by Gudrun and Martin Kugler (Vienna, Austria: Kairos Publishing, 2010), paper, 353 pp. (introduction and table of contents available here).Europe is in decline. Once the cradle of Western...