Mackinac Center Interns Focus on “The Politics of Prudence”

The Kirk Center welcomed interns from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy for a seminar on specific dimensions of “The Politics of Prudence” this summer. Kirk Center trustee and director of Save Our States, Michael Maibach, gave a broad historical, political, and practical defense of the Electoral College. This exciting and effective presentation garnered a lot of interest and discussion as students reported the debate over the ongoing viability of the Electoral College is heated and not well-informed. As one participant put it, “I would highly recommend this to others my age because of how important these views are to the incoming generation.”

The Mackinac Center interns also benefited from a lecture on “America’s Two Spirits: American Conservatives’ Duty to American Ideals” by Dr. John Wilsey, of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Focusing on Tocqueville’s prudential conservative thought served to enliven the group’s understanding of key elements in contemporary conservatism.

The interns responded enthusically to their seminar experience:

 “If you want to know how to save America, listen to the speakers.”

“It was incredible! I loved what each speaker had to say and appreciated the honesty that was present with their views and how open they were about them.”

“It was a fruitful discussion of both modern problems and timeless themes with excellent scholars.”

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