Public Policy Fellows of the Fund For American Studies visit the Kirk Center

On November 2 – 4, the Russell Kirk Center welcomed Public Policy Fellows of the Fund for American Studies (TFAS) to discuss “The Roots of American Order as the Foundation for a New Fusionism.” This impressive group consisted of twenty young professionals who work as journalists at the Washington Free Beacon and National Review; for policy organizations such as the Hudson Institute, American Enterprise Institute, and Parents Defending Education; or as legislative aides in Washington D.C. The group was led in discussion by David D. Corey, director of Baylor in Washington D.C. and a professor of political science in the Baylor University Honors Program. Michael Lucchese, a rising conservative thinker, aided Professor Corey in leading discussions. 

Drawing upon readings from Kirk’s Roots of American Order as well as other select texts, the group engaged in a productive dialogue about the current challenges and possibilities for conservatism. In their conversations, they examined not only the nature of order and freedom in the American tradition but also the importance of reawakening in themselves and in their generation what Kirk called “the moral imagination.”

Here’s what participants had to say about their intellectual retreat:

“I can count on one hand the number of seminar experiences that were as dynamic, formative, and delightful as these last few days!”

“The seminar was incredibly valuable in helping me gain a greater understanding and appreciation for traditionalist conservatism and ‘the permanent things.’”

“I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am for this weekend. I was introduced to so many new perspectives and lines of thinking that have created completely new questions for me.”

“I felt challenged to think deeply in different directions about American conservatism and the disorders of society.”

“The last few days at the Kirk Center renewed my hope in the goodness of the mission of American conservatism. Russell Kirk left a moving example of ideas well-thought and a life well-lived.”

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