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Volume 26 (2016–2017)

Studies in Burke and His Time Volume 26Download the full issue in PDF format.

  • John Faulkner, Thomas Copeland’s Account of the Editing of Burke’s Correspondence

2016 Conference marking the completion of the Oxford University Press edition of Burke’s Writings and Speeches

  • Richard Bourke, P. J. Marshall and Burke Studies
  • David Bromwich, Burke on the New and Old Whigs
  • Anna Plassart, Edmund Burke and France: The Parliamentary Context (1780–1794)
  • B. W. Young, Burke and Unitarianism
  • P. J. Marshall, A Footnote to 24 June 2016

Book Reviews

  • Daniel I. O’Neill, Edmund Burke and the Conservative Logic of Empire.
    Steven Blakemore
  • Michael Brown, The Irish Enlightenment.
    Ingrid A. Gregg

Volume 25 (2015)

Studies in Burke and His Time Volume 25Download the full issue in PDF format.

  • Regina Janes,
    Edmund Burke: The Man with Too Many Countries
  • David E. White,
    Burke, Barry, and Bishop Butler
  • David Clare,
    Brian Friel’s Invocation of Edmund Burke in Philadelphia, Here I Come!
  • James Matthew Wilson,
    Is Burke Conservatism’s Intellectual Father?

Book Reviews

  • Richard Bourke, Empire and Revolution: The Political Life of Edmund Burke.
    Steven P. Millies
  • The Writings and Speeches of Edmund Burke, Volume IV:
    Party, Parliament, and the Dividing of the Whigs, 1780–1794,
    edited by P. J. Marshall and Donald Bryant.
    John Faulkner

Volume 24 (2014)

Studies in Burke and His Time Volume 24Download the full issue in PDF format.

  • Matt Salyer,
    ‘A Little False Geography’: Edmund Burke as Edward Waverley
  • Michael Brown,
    The English Identity of Edmund Burke
  • Ian Crowe,
    Echoes from Mulla’s Shore: Spenserian Currents and Edmund Burke’s Early Literary Career in London

Book Reviews

  • David Bromwich. The Intellectual Life of Edmund Burke:
    From the Sublime and Beautiful to American Independence.

    Ross Carroll
  • Iain Hampsher-Monk, Edmund Burke: Revolutionary Writings
    Daniel E. Ritchie
  • Yuval Levin, The Great Debate: Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine and the Birth of Right and Left.
    André Gushurst-Moore

Volume 23 (2013)

Studies in Burke and His Time Volume 23Download the full issue in PDF format.

  • Aaron D. Hoffman,
    Joseph Ellis’s Burkean Founding
  • Elizabeth Lambert,
    The Scholarly Factories
  • Jeffrey O. Nelson,
    Burke’s American Characters
  • Joseph Pappin III,
    Edmund Burke and Leo Strauss and the Charge of ‘Historicism’

Book Reviews

  • Ian Crowe, Patriotism and Public Spirit: Edmund Burke and the Role of the Critic in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain.
    Frederick G. Whelan
  • Corey Robin, The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin. André Gushurst-Moore, The Common Mind: Politics, Society and Christian Humanism from Thomas More to Russell Kirk. David Willetts, The Pinch: How the Baby Boomers Took Their Children’s Future—and Why They Should Give It Back.
    H. Lee Cheek, Jr.
  • Jesse Norman, Edmund Burke: The First Conservative.
    Ian Crowe

Volume 22 (2011)


Book Reviews

  • F. P. Lock, Edmund Burke: Vol. II, 1784–1797
    Elizabeth Lambert
  • Daniel I. O’Neill, The Burke-Wollstonecraft Debate: Savagery, Civilization, and Democracy
    Steven Blakemore
  • Edward Feser, Locke
    Joseph Pappin III
  • Sean Patrick Donlan, Ed., Edmund Burke’s Irish Identities
    Joseph Pappin III

Volume 21 (2007)

  • Editor’s Introduction
  • J. C. D. Clark, The Enlightenment, Religion and Edmund Burke
  • Frederick G. Whelan, Burke, Empire, and Wars on Terrorism
  • Liam Lenihan, James Barry and the Aesthetic
  • of an Irish Enlightenment

  • Katherine O’Donnell, Burke & the School of Irish Oratory
  • William Byrne, Imagination and the Good in Burke

Briefly Noted

  • Some Recent Essays on Burke
  • Conference Report: “Edmund Burke and Irish Literary Criticism, 1757 to 2007,” April 2007, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, Ireland
  • Burke Archives

Book Reviews

  • Seamus Deane, Foreign Affections: Essays on Edmund Burke
    Michael Brown
  • Ian Crowe, Ed., An Imaginative Whig: Reassessing the Life and Thought of Edmund Burke
    Frans de Bruyn
  • Jennifer Pitts, A Turn to Empire: The Rise of Imperial Liberalism in Britain and France
    Frederick Whelan
  • Luke Gibbons, Edmund Burke and Ireland: Aesthetics, Politics, and the Colonial Sublime
    Steven P. Millies
  • Larry Arnhart, Darwinian Conservatism
  • William Hague, William Pitt the Younger
    Joseph Pappin III