Congratulations to Christopher Long, the new President and Chief Executive Officer of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Chris Long succeeds T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr., who has been named president emeritus.

The Kirk Center warmly welcomes Chris and bids a very fond bon voyage to Ken, under whose guidance for more than two decades, ISI grew to become the main organization providing college and graduate students with programs, scholarships, mentors, and books that promote intellectual conservatism.

In a 2003 video interview, Annette Kirk reflects on the crucial importance of the mission of ISI in its work of educating leaders for the academy and the professions. She also recounts the long and fruitful relationship the Kirks have had with ISI. It was on a walk along the coast of Fife in Scotland in 1973 that then young ISI staffers Ken Cribb and Bob Schadler agreed with Russell and Annette Kirk that ISI seminars for serious students interested in the liberal arts should take place at Piety Hill. And so they have—now for almost four decades.

After many years of success in the financial sector, Chris Long returns to ISI where he was once himself a young staffer. Chris was a principal architect of the ISI educational program in the 1990s and a good friend to the Piety Hill experience. We look forward to his able stewardship of the ISI program for years to come.