• Annette Y. Kirk, Co-Founder and President
  • Dr. Jeffrey O. Nelson, Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman
  • Cecilia Kirk Nelson, Publications Manager
  • Peter L. Edman, Webmaster
  • Charles C. Brown, Archivist

Board of Directors

  • Hon. Joanne Emmons, former Michigan State Senator
    Chairman of the Board
  • Dr. Jeffrey O. Nelson, Executive Vice President, Intercollegiate Studies Institute
  • Annette Y. Kirk, The Russell Kirk Center
  • Dr. Benjamin Lockerd, Professor of English, Grand Valley State University
  • Kevin P. Shields, Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
  • David E. Khorey, Chair and Partner, Varnum LLP

Board of Advisors

  • Hon. T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr., President Emeritus, Intercollegiate Studies Institute
  • Hon. John Engler, former governor of Michigan
  • Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr., President, The Heritage Foundation
  • Dr. John Lukacs, historian
  • Dr. Forrest McDonald †, historian
  • Dr. George H. Nash, historian