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Nietzsche’s Puritan Warriors

John Ehrett reviews Mark Mitchell’s argument explaning our present political climate.

The Rise of Sexless Moralism?

Titus Techera looks at implications of the shift in home theater from Game of Thrones to The Mandalorian.

Yes It’s Poetry, But Is It Good?

Karl Schaffenburg welcomes Micah Mattix’s new collection of poetry criticism.

An Immense Old People’s Home

Nicholas Meverel invites readers to discover the timely thought of Charles Péguy.

An Imitation of Christ

Joseph Barnas reviews a new historical biography of a twentieth century Polish hero.

Fukuyama’s Lopsided Identity

Emina Melonic reviews Fukuyama’s take on identity and identity politics.

Is Big Bad?

Is Big Bad?

Andrew R. Kloster reviews an illuminating—or perhaps revealing—history of American anti-monopoly politics.

How the Land Can Heal

How the Land Can Heal

Matt Miller looks at a new book from Australia on the promise of regenerative agriculture for responding to ecological pressures.

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