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Reviewing Books that Build Culture
Deo Volente Labor Proficit

An Historian’s Evolving Vision of Mankind

Jeffrey Folks reviews the ironically radical third book of Yuval Noah Harari.

Unwelcome Information

Fr. James V. Schall, in his final ‘On Letters and Essays’ column for The Bookman, returns to the great Rambler essays of Samuel Johnson.

On Unity and Morale with Charles Martel

Matthew Robare reviews a brief new history of the Battle of Tours in 732.

Through the Lens of Civil Society

Addison Del Mastro reviews Tim Carney’s strong contribution to the “How we got Trump” genre.

Things Strange and Admirable

Timothy D. Lusch welcomes Tom Shippey’s revealing look at the Vikings.

The Time That We Are Given

Ashlee Cowles reviews the final posthumous novel of Sally Wright.

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