Russello in the WSJ

Gerald Russello reviews Michael Toth’s book on founding father Oliver Ellsworth in the Wall Street Journal: “Uniting the Nation.”

Imaginative Conservative series and other items of note

A few items to call to your attention: • Our friends at The Imaginative Conservative are running a series of posts on “books that make us human” that’s well worth a look. • They also ran an item recently on early work of Russell Kirk and his...


Have you caught up on the recent articles from Gerald Russello? Debating the Constitution in City Journal, and Faith from the Hearth and Public Schools: Faith-Free Zones in the National Catholic Register.

A few links we recommend

• The New Atlantis has a great symposium on Place and Placelessness in America with several essays that are well worth your time. • The Imaginative Conservative has a three-part series by John Willson on the historian Carlton Hayes (whom we covered in this 2010...

Peter Stanlis, RIP

Peter Stanlis was a great friend to the Bookman and author of the Burke revival. May he rest in peace.

Duggan book

We congratulate Joseph Duggan on the release of his e-book Give Paz a Chance and the impending publication of The Zuckerberg Galaxy: A Primer for Negotiating the Media Maelstrom, portions of which first appeared in the University Bookman.

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