The University Bookman

Reviewing Books that Build Culture

More Than Mildly Amusing

Elizabeth Bittner welcomes Mr. Mehan’s entertaining—and substantive—animal alphabet.

What Makes the Midwest Midwestern?

Jonathan Kasparek reviews a new collection on the cultural history of the Midwest.

Fear Your Toaster

Michael J. Ard reviews a disturbing book on the vulnerabilities of our Internet-connected lives.

Ideology Unbounded in San Francisco

Matthew Stokes reviews Daniel J. Flynn’s revealing history of the ideological and other connections between Jim Jones and Harvey Milk.

The Rise of Black Intellectual History

Chidike Okeem reviews a collection on the black intellectual tradition.

Pondering the Defeatists

Richard Cocks reviews a new edition of Colin Wilson’s Age of Defeat and explores the ongoing production line of nihilistic fiction.

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