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Deo Volente Labor Proficit

Originalism and the Individual Jurist

Kansas Supreme Court Justice Caleb Stegall draws on T. S. Eliot as he reflects on what makes a good jurist in this recent keynote address.

The Habit of Being a Catholic Writer

Emina Melonic welcomes a new volume of letters between Flannery O’Connor and Caroline Gordon.

All the History That Fits a Narrative

Francis P. Sempa reviews an overly self-important book about the Helsinki Accords.

A District in Play

Derek Turner welcomes Dan Cruickshank’s architectural history of London’s Spitalfields, the “off-center epitome of England.”

The Doctor as Moralist

Scott Beauchamp reviews a collection of the short stories of psychiatrist and critic Theodore Dalrymple.

The Doctor as Amoralist

Karl C. Schaffenburg reviews an informative but unreflective history of surgical advances.

Sour ’68

Sour ’68

Joseph Bottum and Justin L. Blessinger help us put 2018 into perspective with a look back on the turmoil of 1968, when victory began wearing the death mask of defeat.

A Plodding Penn

A Plodding Penn

Carl Rollyson reviews a new and ploddingly authoritative biography of William Penn’s very quirky life.

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