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Deo Volente Labor Proficit

Classical (and Faux) Glories of New York

John Byron Kuhner welcomes a personable new book on the many Classical influences in New York City.

Calhoun, Compromise, and Consequence

Carl Rollyson reviews a new book on the convictions, conflicts, and compromises of three leaders who shaped antebellum America.

Citizens of the World

Casey Chalk argues that a new generation of globetrotting American idealists should re-read The Sand Pebbles.

The Revolution That Did Not End in Blood

JP O’Malley interviews historian Antonia Fraser about her recent book on Catholic emancipation in the UK.

Christian Martyrs in the First Islamic States

Jane Peters reviews a book on Christians martyred during the first two centuries of the rise of Islam.

His Old Kentucky Home

Miles Smith welcomes a helpful new political biography of five-time Presidential candidate Henry Clay.

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