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Deo Volente Labor Proficit

A New Apologetic

Casey Chalk reviews a new book of apologetics from David G. Bonagura, Jr.

The Lost Futures of Mark Fisher

Ben Sixsmith reviews a collection from the late British underground theorist Mark Fisher.

The Doctor’s Mask, Removed

Jacob Bruggeman reviews an anesthesiologist’s thoughtful memoirs.

Like a Jazz Score: The Sense for Life

Pedro Blas González reflects on life and jazz in the postmodern world.

Nothing More to Prove

Carl Rollyson reviews the second volume of Zachary Leader’s biography of Saul Bellow.

Liturgies Real and Imagined

Trevor C. Merrill reviews a memoir and a novel from the German Catholic writer Martin Mosebach.

Humanism, Reform, Heresy

Chris Butynskyi reviews a book on the people whose opposition shaped John Calvin.

Weaponized Christianity

Grant Havers reviews Daniel Mahoney’s finally hopeful analysis of the roots of modern progressive ideology.

Recent Domestic History

Recent Domestic History

Lauren Turek reviews the final section of Jill Lepore’s new history of the United States, covering post–World War II to early Trump.

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