The University Bookman

Reviewing Books that Build Culture

The Work of Local Culture

Richard M. Gamble welcomes McAllister and Frohnen’s hopeful Coming Home.

From the Ground Up

Timothy D. Lusch reviews a new contribution to the toolkit for American cultural restoration.

Letting Writers Do the Talking

Elizabeth Bittner reviews Allen Mendenhall’s collection of interviews with writers in the South.

‘All of time is cut in two’

Midge Goldberg welcomes a new collection of grief-tinged poems by Rhina P. Espaillat.

An Elegy for Place and Time

Jacob Bruggeman reviews Jesse Donaldson’s reflections on his longing for place in our age of isolation.

Natural Law in One Stop

W. Bradford Littlejohn recommends a surprising first-time translation of the early Danish Protestant writer Niels Hemmingsen.

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