Studies in Burke and His Time

Welcome to Studies in Burke and His Time, the journal of the Edmund Burke Society of America.

Our journal editors are Elizabeth Lambert and Michael Brown, and the executive editor is Ian Crowe. Please direct all articles, review submissions, and correspondence in the first instance to Ian Crowe:, or 9628 Elizabeth Townes Lane, Charlotte, NC 28277.

Volume 26 (2016–2017)

  • JOHN FAULKNER, Thomas Copeland’s Account of the Editing of Burke’s Correspondence
2016 Conference marking the completion of the Oxford University Press edition of Burke’s Writings and Speeches
  • RICHARD BOURKE, P. J. Marshall and Burke Studies
  • DAVID BROMWICH, Burke on the New and Old Whigs
  • ANNA PLASSART, Edmund Burke and France: The Parliamentary Context (1780–1794)
  • B. W. YOUNG, Burke and Unitarianism
  • P. J. MARSHALL, A Footnote to 24 June 2016

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