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Volume 30 (2021)

  • John G. Grove, The Consecrated State
  • Madeleine Armstrong, Burke’s ‘Age of Chivalry’: The Foundation of Civilized Liberty
  • Nobuhiko Nakazawa, Burke’s Nuanced Praise of Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments: the Religious Character of Burke’s Notion of the Sublime in his Philosophical Enquiry
  • Kirk Center Seminar Series:
    • E. Wesley Reynolds, III, London’s Coffeehouse Literati and the Rise of the Public Man in the Eighteenth Century
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  • VOLUME 29 (2020)
    • VIRGIL MARTIN NEMOIANU, Burke on the Goodness of Beauty and the Virtue of Taste
    • RALPH E. ANCIL, The Un-Burkean Economic Policy of Edmund Burke
    • JOHN BOERSMA, Toward a Burkean Theory of Constitutional Interpretation
    • JOSE RAMON GARCIA-HERNANDEZ, Edmund Burke’s Whig Response to the Eighteenth-Century Crisis of Legitimacy
  • VOLUME 28 (2019)
    • JOHN FAULKNER, Burke’s Speech on the Test and Corporation Acts
    • LUKE SHEAHAN, Conservative, Pluralist, Sociologist: Robert Nisbet’s Burke
    • VIGEN GUROIAN, Burke and Kirk on Radical Ideology in Modern Times
    • WILFRED McCLAY, A “Generous Loyalty”: The Vindication of a Forgotten Virtue
    • ANDRE GUSHURST-MOORE, A Letter from Thomas More to Thomas Cromwell, 1534
    • IVONE MOREIRA, Rousseau’s General Will and the Risk of Tyranny
    • TROY FEAY, Blessed Frédéric Ozanam on Revolution
  • VOLUME 27 (2018)
    • SAMUEL BURGESS, Edmund Burke, the Common Lawyers, and the Natural Law
    • NOBUHIKO NAKAZAWA, An Overlooked Aspect of the Burke-Paine Controversy
    • PAWEL HANCZEWSKI, ‘When Liberty and Order Kiss’: Edmund Burke and the History Articles in the Annual Register
  • VOLUME 26 (2016-2017)
    • JOHN FAULKNER, Thomas Copeland’s Account of the Editing of Burke’s Correspondence
    • 2016 Conference marking the completion of the Oxford University Press edition of Burke’s Writings and Speeches
  • VOLUME 25 (2015)
    • REGINA JANES, Edmund Burke: The Man with Too Many Countries
    • DAVID E. WHITE, Burke, Barry, and Bishop Butler
    • DAVID CLARE, Brian Friel’s Invocation of Edmund Burke inPhiladelphia, Here I Come!’
    • JAMES MATTHEW WILSON, Is Burke Conservatism’s Intellectual Father?
  • VOLUME 24 (2014)
    • MATT SAYLER, ‘A Little False Geography’: Edmund Burke as Edward Waverley
    • MICHAEL BROWN, The English Identity of Edmund Burke
    • IAN CROWE, Echoes from Mulla’s Shore: Spenserian Currents and Edmund Burke’s Early Literary Career in London
  • VOLUME 23 (2013)
    • AARON D. HOFFMAN, Joseph Ellis’s Burkean Founding
    • ELIZABETH LAMBERT, The Scholarly Factories
    • JEFFREY O. NELSON, Burke’s American Characters
    • JOSEPH PAPPIN III, Edmund Burke and Leo Strauss and the Charge of ‘Historicism’

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