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Welcome to Studies in Burke and His Time, the journal of the Edmund Burke Society of America.

Our journal editors are Elizabeth Lambert and Michael Brown, and the executive editor is Ian Crowe.
Please direct all articles, review submissions, and correspondence in the first instance to
Ian Crowe: or Belmont Abbey College, 100 Belmont-Mt Holly Road, Belmont, NC 28012.

Volume 27 (2018)

  • SAMUEL BURGESS, Edmund Burke, the Common Lawyers, and the Natural Law
  • NOBUHIKO NAKAZAWA,  Reviewing Edmund Burke’s Concept of ‘Revolution’: An Overlooked Aspect of the Burke-Pain Controversy
  • PAWEL HANCZEWSKI, ‘When Liberty and Order Kiss’: Edmund Burke and the History Articles in the Annual Register


  • SAMULE BURGESS, Edmund Burke’s Battle with Liberalism: His Christian Philosophy and Why it Matters Today
  • H. G. CALLAWAY, ed., Edmund Burke, the Imperatives of Empire and the American Revolution: An Interpretation
Explore previous volumes
  • VOLUME 26 (2016-2017)
    • JOHN FAULKNER, Thomas Copeland’s Account of the Editing of Burke’s Correspondence
    • 2016 Conference marking the completion of the Oxford University Press edition of Burke’s Writings and Speeches
  • VOLUME 25 (2015)
    • REGINA JANES, Edmund Burke: The Man with Too Many Countries
    • DAVID E. WHITE, Burke, Barry, and Bishop Butler
    • DAVID CLARE, Brian Friel’s Invocation of Edmund Burke inPhiladelphia, Here I Come!’
    • JAMES MATTHEW WILSON, Is Burke Conservatism’s Intellectual Father?
  • VOLUME 24 (2014)
    • MATT SAYLER, ‘A Little False Geography’: Edmund Burke as Edward Waverley
    • MICHAEL BROWN, The English Identity of Edmund Burke
    • IAN CROWE, Echoes from Mulla’s Shore: Spenserian Currents and Edmund Burke’s Early Literary Career in London
  • VOLUME 23 (2013)
    • AARON D. HOFFMAN, Joseph Ellis’s Burkean Founding
    • ELIZABETH LAMBERT, The Scholarly Factories
    • JEFFREY O. NELSON, Burke’s American Characters
    • JOSEPH PAPPIN III, Edmund Burke and Leo Strauss and the Charge of ‘Historicism’

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